While the theme of some of my art may be fanciful, these objects are not not intended for children. Also, no piece should be considered food safe unless specifically labeled otherwise.

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- "Take me to your leader" (2011)
- "Purpleheart rocket box (2011)
- "Hall of the Mountain King" (2001)
- "Colony #1" (2008)
- "Departure" (2006)

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August 2013


Headstock jig in use.


I usually work on several pieces at the same time. I also do a lot of finishing and other surface work on pieces while they're on the lathe. If you've ever finished a piece on the lathe and then tried to take it off the lathe to let it dry someplace else while you start turning another piece, you know how your fingers magically seem to find that wet shiny fresh finish and ruin it. It's like moths to a flame. So, I built a headstock jig that gives me the basic functionality I need from my lathe headstock without the need to tie up my lathe. This is the initial version, it's not pretty, but it IS extremely useful, and I wish I had built it years ago.

All text and photos and the design of the "Auxiliary headstock Jig" are c. Johnna Y. Klukas, all rights reserved. Using this design to build a jig for your own use is fine, but using this design to build them for resale is not.

Woodworking is an inherently dangerous activity. The non-woodworking techniques described here aren't all that safe, either. Sharp tools, powerful motors, big lumps of wood, chemicals, fumes, etc. can cause you serious bodily injury or even death. These pages are NOT meant as a substitute for instruction by a qualified teacher, just as an illustration of how I do certain things. I take no responsibility for any mishaps you may experience during a fit of inspiration. You've been warned.

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